Children are highly valued at GFC. Jesus demonstrated a compassion and regarded them with great dignity, unparalleled by the culture of his day. Therefore, we take Jesus’ words seriously when he says, “Let the children come to me, for to them belongs the kingdom of heaven.”

We want you to know that children are welcome in the auditorium for the duration of our service. However, for your benefit, we do provide other options. Upstairs, you will find dropoff childcare for ages 0-2 and ages 2-6 staffed by trained childcare workers. The children will rejoin us for a time of refreshments and fellowship after the service.We also have live audio of our service in the lobby area just inside the entrance to the building. Just prior to the sermon, our younger children, grades 5 and under, are invited to attend a time of more focused praise, prayer and teaching adopted to their age, lead by our Family Ministry teachers:

Youth Group —  junior high school

Older Elementary – grades 4 through 5

Younger Elementary – K through grade 3

Pre-K – ages 3-5 (Children in child care of this age group will be brought to this class.  Please pick up children upstairs after the service!)

Our children are an integral part of our congregation! To better involve our older children in congregational life, they will have an opportunity to remain in the entire service on the first Sunday of each month; there will be no classes for school age children these weeks. Child care and our preschool class will still be available each week.